10 Awful Things Billionaires Did

5. Cecil Chao offered $180 million to whichever man could marry his lesbian daughter. 

The daughter was already married at the time, to a woman, but this French marriage was not recognized in Hong Kong, where her dad was from. 

6. Henry Nicholas built a batcave for his sex and drug parties. 

The Broadcom CEO tried to keep this stone tunnel beneath his house secret from his wife, but this didn’t work out. Also, he got indicted on drug trafficking charges. 

7. Howard Hughes purchased a TV station because he felt nothing he liked was on. 

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8. David Tepper bought a rival’s mansion (to tear it down and build a bigger one). 

Jon Corzine passed over him for partner at Goldman Sachs, so Tepper overbid for Jon’s mansion and demolished it

9. The Winklevoss Twins perform cover songs under the band name Mars Junction.

This is truly evil. Because, you see, they sing really badly

10. Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook destroyed the internet economy. 

Companies spend even more on digital advertising now than they did a decade ago. But before, it went to the websites that produce stuff, while now, it largely goes to social media companies that produce nothing. 

Top image: Anthony Quintano

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