15 Bizarro Facts About the Human Body


One of the human frame’s largest pranks towards its prisoners is the teratoma, a tumor that may develop hair, enamel, or even eyes. They can pop up for a lot of causes, they may be able to kill you (with most cancers, now not, like, a knife, despite the fact that we wouldn’t put it previous them) or now not, however greater than the rest, they’re evidence that God has forgotten us.

You’re (Sometimes) More Bacteria Than Person



By selection of cells, your frame incorporates about as a lot micro organism because it does human cells, shut sufficient that a unmarried sell off can tip the scales again towards particular person. On a in particular constipated day, despite the fact that, you’re now not such a lot your personal planet as a tract of land website hosting a thriving inhabitants. In that recognize, are you truly “you”? Sleep tight!

Top symbol: Brooke Cagle/Unsplash

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