15 Disappointing Deaths Of Movie And TV Characters, Power Ranked

Sure, it was good and sad, but to see them kill off such a huge character just didn’t sit right with fans ever since.

Power rank: Millions of Trekkies shaking their heads, muttering, “Oh, my.”

David Dunn, Glass

Walt Disney Studios

Absolutely no one except M. Night Shyamalan liked this ending, with most fans and critics still struggling to understand why the heck the great David Dunn had to die drowning in a puddle on the side of the road. Sure, we get the whole “gotcha” element of having such a strong man have such a simple weakness, but the trilogy was never set in a tone that was out to satirize or be clever about its subject matter, let alone troll its audience like that.

It seems there are no YouTube clips showing Dunn’s final, pathetic moments — probably because Shyamalan tried to keep the twist off the internet as much as he could — but there is, however, a gazillion videos trying their best to explain the ending of a trilogy that showed much promise, but ended up dunking itself. 

At least Bruce Willis didn’t melt in that pool of water like the Wicked Witch of the West. God.

Power rank: A dozen Shyamalan twists that’ll never be as good as his first.

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