15 Queer Video Game Icons: Happy Pride!

Another vintage from Dragon Age: Inquisition, Dorian is cherished for his sharp wit, his quippy discussion, and his advanced storylines. He’s one of the realistically portrayed characters in a recreation heralded for its nice NPC design, whether or not he’s a love pastime or only a bestie, you’ll by no means disregard him.

Alex Chen


Square Enix

A queer persona in a starring recreation position: you merely love to peer it.

The Life Is Strange sequence is well known via critics and gamers alike as being beacon’s of inspiration for queer narratives in gaming. Life Is Strange: True Colors explores the deep emotional international of this bi-sexual icon… whilst she makes use of her powers to discover the sentiments of everybody round her.

All of Your Sims


Electronic Arts

Love wins on this recreation and not using a demonstrable win situation.

The Sims is iconic for letting gamers are living out their delusion lives. Where else can gamers discover new horizons and speak to new portions in their identities and drown their enemies in a swimming pool?



Naughty Dog

I’m now not crying you are crying.

Ellie’s tale drives probably the most best possible recreation sequence lately. Her popping out tale in The Last of Us 2  is a in reality heartwarming depiction of acceptance and love from a mother or father determine that many people don’t get to revel in IRL. 




Strong within the meta and in her identification.

For a PVP recreation, Overwatch has strangely deep lore. From time-skipping cadet, to Overwatch agent, Tracer has a wild tale. And enthusiasts went wild when a heartwarming tale got here out that includes Tracer’s female friend Emily. Hopefully we’ll be informed much more about Tracer because the Overwatch 2 lore develops.

To everybody in the market, glad gaming and glad Pride month!


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