Political leaders ‘haven’t prepared Australia’ to take in more migrants

The Institute of Public Affairs’ Gideon Rozner says people don’t want higher levels of migration because politicians “haven’t prepared Australia” to take in more migrants.

It comes as a new poll revealed 58 per cent of Australians want migration to return at lower levels than before the pandemic.

“I think immigration does make our country stronger,” he told Sky News host Rita Panahi.

“I’m the son of a migrant myself. The problem is politicians have not prepared Australia to take in more people because for too long we’ve had politicians who think we don’t need more roads, we need more bicycle paths.

“They haven’t released land to create houses for people to live in, they’ve tried to box everybody into shoeboxes in the inner suburbs.

“So I am all for more migration but I understand why people at the moment think we can’t handle more people because we can’t and that is the fault of the political class in this country.”

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