Regional Thanksgiving Dishes Around the US

In the Southwest and West, you might find a delicacy called frog-eye salad on the table.

ambrosia salad

Frog-eye salad.

ALLEKO/Getty Images

Frog-eye salad may sound bizarre to anyone from the East Coast, but for some people from the West and Southwest regions of America, it’s a must-have for Thanksgiving. This sweetened, fruity pasta salad is made with acini di pepe pasta, pineapples, mandarin oranges, Cool Whip, and marshmallow topping. 

If you’re eating frog-eye salad, you may also be partial to Jell-O salad, which is an important Thanksgiving side dish in Utah. In the Southwest, you’re more likely to find Latino flavors like blue cornbread stuffing with chorizo.

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