4 Of The Weirdest Sex Scenes Ever (Are In Stephen King Books)

… his 20-year-old new love hobby, and, appearing the hand paintings, Sara Tidwell, a long-dead Black blues singer. Why, sure, she does name him “sugar,” how do you know? 

“Do you want to know who he was, sugar? That nasty man?” “Just do me, you bitch!” I screamed. She laughed again -- that harsh laughter that was almost like a cough -- and squeezed me where the squeezing was best. “You hold still, now,” she said. “You hold still, pretty boy, ’less you want me to take fright and yank this thing of yours right out by the ...” I lost the rest as the whole world exploded in an orgasm so deep and strong that I thought it would simply tear me apart. I snapped my head back like a man being hung and ejaculated looking up at the stars.


Okay, we are beginning to sense a theme right here. Which is particularly notable for the reason that 3 Black ladies we have discussed are roughly 60% of all Black ladies Stephen King has ever written. At least we all know there don’t seem to be any WTF intercourse scenes involving King’s maximum well-known Black feminine persona, 108-year-old Mother Abagail from The Stand … 

The Stand — Mother Abigail Gets Assaulted By A Crowd (Also: Sex Corn)


Oh, wait, scratch that. You would not comprehend it from the TV variations or the non-expanded version of the guide, however Mother Abagail additionally has a regrettable intercourse scene. In a nightmare, she relives the instant when she performed the Christian track “Rock of Ages” on guitar in entrance of a white crowd in 1902, handiest this time her demonic nemesis Randall Flag is there. His mere presence reasons the white other people get extraordinarily racist and in addition extraordinarily handsy along with her. 

Mamma! she screamed again, and then rough hands were hauling her from the stage, they were under her dress, pawing her, tweaking her, pinching her bottom. Her hand was pulled sharply by someone, yanking her arm in her socket. It was put against something hard and hot.  Ben Conveigh's voice in her ear: How do you like MY rock of ages, you n-word slut?


Luckily, Abagail temporarily transitions into any other dream about corn, and no doubt there can not by way of anything else sexual about tha— 

(and she had thought many times that this was the plant closest to all life, the corn, and its smell was the smell of life itself, the start of life, oh she had married and buried three husbands, David Trotts, Henry Hardesty, and Nate Brooks, and she had had three men in bed, had welcomed them as a woman must welcome a man, by giving way before him, and there had always been the yearning pleasure, the thought Oh my God how I love to be sexy with my man and how I love him to be sexy with me when he gets me what he gets me what he shoots in me and sometimes at the instant of her climax she would think of the corn, the bland corn with its roots planted not deep but wide, she would think of flesh and then the corn, when it was all over and her husband lay beside her the sex smell would be in the room, the smell of the spunk the man had shot into her, the smell of the juices she made to smooth his way, and it was a smell like husked corn, mild and sweet, a goodish smell).


Uh, ok, we stand corrected. No pun meant. 

Perhaps simply to end up that now not all of his bizarre intercourse scenes have to incorporate old-timey Black ladies, King additionally incorporated a second in The Stand the place one persona known as “The Kid” (now not a literal child) sodomizes any other referred to as “The Trashcan Man” along with his gun, making plans to tug the cause and kill him when he orgasms. “He” as within the gunman … despite the fact that the sufferer will get beautiful as regards to it, too.  

His whines became little gasps of pain as the barrel of the .45 worked its way into him, rotating, gouging, tearing. And could it be that this was exciting him? It was. Eventually his excitement became apparent to The Kid. “Like it, dontcha?” The Kid panted. “I knew you would, you bag of pus. You like having it up your butt, dontcha? Say yes, pusbag. Say yes or right to hell you go.” “Yes,” Trashcan Man whimpered. “Want me to do it to you?” He didn’t. Excited or not, he didn’t. But he knew better than to say so. “Yes.” “I wouldn’t touch your dong if it was diamonds. Do it yaself. Why you think God gave you two hands?”


Fortunately for Trashcan Man, his “partner” is this type of one who falls asleep straight away after seeing himself off, so he by no means will get to the “shooting him” section as a result of he is noisily snoring inside seconds. And dreaming of corn, probably. Sexy, horny corn.

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