5 Best Water Bottles in 2022

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Owning your own reusable water bottle is something everyone should consider, as it has far-reaching benefits beyond just being convenient to have around. Not only does it allow you to do away with single-use plastic bottles but it also does a far better job of keeping whatever your liquid of choice is either cold or hot. 

But choosing a reusable water bottle fit for your lifestyle comes down to personal preference and price, as well as the bottle’s performance. To find the best worth owning, I tested more than 15 from brands like Hydro Flask, Klean Kanteen, and Camelbak, and put each through rigorous testing.

Two experts also contributed to this guide’s research about the best materials for water bottles and other criteria you should consider when shopping: Rolf Halden, Ph.D., professor and director of the Biodesign Center for Environmental Health Engineering at Arizona State University, and Mike Kreis, an REI Co-op sales specialist. 

I’ve also included insight into how I tested the water bottles, as well as answers to a few FAQs, at the end of this guide.

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The 5 best water bottles in 2022:

Best overall: Hydro Flask Standard Mouth Water Bottle, $32.20 on Amazon 
The Hydro Flask bottles retain temperature well, are durable, and are very easy to clean.

Best cheap: Simple Modern Summit Water Bottle, $16.99 on Walmart 
The Simple Modern Summit Water Bottle is inexpensive, but it doesn’t compromise quality; it performed similarly to more expensive bottles.

Best plastic: CamelBak Chute Mag Water Bottle, $13 on Amazon
The CamelBak Chute Mag Water Bottle is a budget-friendly option that’s durable and easy to use. 

Best stainless steel: Klean Kanteen Classic Water Bottle, from $32.95 on Klean Kanteen
The Klean Kanteen Classic Water Bottle keeps water very cold, fits in car cupholders, and didn’t dent when dropped from 6 feet onto pavement. 

Best glass: Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle, from $21.31 on Amazon
The Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle is a good choice for the most discerning palates, and it survived a drop from 6 feet in the air.

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