5 Celebrities Who Made Their Own (Deranged) Comics

Emilia Clarke’s Menstruation-Powered Superhero


The first comedian created by means of Game of Thrones‘ Emilia Clarke is a noble undertaking in that her particular motivation was once getting extra girls into comics, no longer simply as characters but additionally as creators (all of the inventive crew is feminine, serving to stability out a historical disparity). It’s additionally nuts. 

M.O.M.: Mother of Madness (2021) was once described by means of Variety as the tale of “a single mom whose secret weapon is her period.” As in, for a couple of magical days a month, she good points powers according to the typical discomforts related to menstruation, like boobs that swell such a lot that they may be able to punch somebody’s head off. Clarke when compared the nature to Deadpool, however we do not be mindful him attacking villains by means of swinging his outsized sack round (admittedly, we may have simply ignored that factor). 

Panel from Emilia Clarke's MOM comic.

Image Comics

The entire concept was once turning the duration from an annoyance to one thing that is actually empowering. The personality will get other powers relying on her temper swings: “When Maya is scared, she goes invisible, when she’s angry, she has superhuman strength. She can swing like Spider-Man from her armpit hair.” Considering Spider-Man has all the time been a beautiful evident metaphor for puberty, that is almost certainly an concept Stan Lee needs he’d had. Not positive he would have preferred the section concerning the “prehensile pubes,” although. 

Panel from Emilia Clarke's MOM comic.

Image Comics

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