A City In Kansas Just Made Roommates Illegal

The housing scenario within the United States nowadays is what may just generously be described as “pretty f***ing dire”. Buying assets past a used sofa is safely out of succeed in for a big share of millennials, to not point out the housing this is inexpensive is being purchased up en masse via firms like BlackRock as a earnings circulate, which they indubitably want. I guess they want to upload a pair extra ft of gold doubloons to their Scrooge McDuck cash pit so they are able to in any case installed a top dive. So what’s a financially risky technology to do in the event that they don’t need to simply battle it out for a slumbering spot below a bridge? Well, you get roommates.

Unless you reside in Shawnee, Kansas, this is, the place they’ve simply made roommates unlawful. The City Council of Shawnee simply unanimously voted to prohibit “co-living” eventualities, outlined as 4 adults dwelling in combination if all 4 adults aren’t similar. Look, first off, seeking to rely adults and simplest letting similar other folks reside in combination feels like some bizarre pilgrim s**t. Weirdness apart, what sort of robotic absent of empathy seems at 4 adults compelled to reside in combination and says to themselves, “this is actually my problem.” I promise you, 4 adults aren’t seeking to percentage one range for any reason why outdoor of necessity.


That’ll train you to absorb a couple of parking areas!

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