A Kit That Makes Waxing Your Face Easy Against Traditional Wax

  • We examined out the My Hare Face It Kit.
  • It’s an at-home waxing package with applicator sticks designed to make face waxing more straightforward.
  • The applicator sticks make waxing more straightforward,  however the wax cools down too temporarily to take away hair.

Following is a transcript of the video.

Nico Reyes: Ow! Ohh, oooh! Oh my God!

Today I’m going to be trying out out the MyHare Face It Kit. It’s a waxing package with 8 reusable applicators for tough-to-reach spots at the face. The challenging wax that includes the package could also be reusable.

Now, I do if truth be told have a wax package that I already use for my face, so I’m to look how this one compares and if those little applicators make waxing any more straightforward. I’m making plans on the usage of the Face It Kit on part of my face after which my standard wax package at the different part of my face.

So we are going to do brows, higher lip, and nostril. So that is what the applicator seems like. They name this the nipple facet as it seems like a nipple, and that is the section that is going to head up my nostril. You too can use it for waxing the ears, which I’m really not going to do. I don’t believe I’ve bushy ears, however I additionally do not need to put this in my ears. And then the opposite facet is that this extra slanted, pointy tip that is intended for extra exact wax placement, so almost definitely across the forehead space, across the higher lip. I will be able to see this being useful, particularly for anyone like me who’s by no means a waxing professional, however let’s examine the way it if truth be told works.

I feel I need to begin with my brows first. Before I if truth be told get started waxing, I’ve to soften the wax beads down, So I’m going to take the little bowl on the backside of the package, fill it with the wax beads, and soften it down within the microwave for 2 mins.

So first I’m simply going to comb my forehead hairs as much as make certain that I do not unintentionally wax any hair that I did not imply to wax. Is this wax already too cool? There’s no method! I simply had this heated up. I’ve a sense that this wax would possibly cool in no time. Because it isn’t in a wax heater you will have a restricted period of time to paintings with it. 

I believe like every of my mustache continues to be there. I will be able to nonetheless see the entire hair at the facet.

Before I do my nostril, I simply need to say I do not counsel waxing your nostril hair. It’s there for a reason why, and I’m best doing it as a result of that is what those applicators are made for and I sought after to do a complete take a look at, however for those who actually sought after to eliminate nostril hair, I’d counsel trimming over waxing. So do just as I say and no longer as I do.

This is a small creature.

I feel the design of the applicator sticks does make it actually simple to achieve the ones spaces that may not be that simple to achieve with a rounded popsicle stick. I believe like slightly any hair’s coming off of the entire outdoor portions of my face. I feel it labored in my nostril simply advantageous, however what’s going on?

I’m having one of these challenging time spreading it as a result of it is cooling down so temporarily. And as a result of it is cooled-down wax, it isn’t taking out hair very successfully. I do not actually assume that is chatting with the standard of the wax. I feel it is only a subject of it wishes to stick heat, and it can not as a result of it is just a bit plastic bowl.

So now we are going to transfer directly to the left facet of my face, the usage of my standard wax package. With my standard wax package, I simply use those little popsicle sticks to get the hard-to-reach spaces above my lip and underneath my forehead, and for my nostril, we are simply going to make use of a few Q-tips and shove them up in there.

It’s undoubtedly more straightforward to unfold this wax as opposed to the wax that got here within the Face It Kit, almost definitely as a result of my wax package is a hotter, so it is retaining the wax actually heat and spreadable.

I feel it is advisable already inform that I do not love the MyHare package. I do actually just like the design of the applicator sticks, and I feel that they do enable you get into the ones hard-to-reach spaces, however for the reason that wax is so tough to maintain, I feel I’ve to mention skip this.

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