AlUla rolls out ‘Summer Untold’ campaign

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AlUla, the cultural and historical city in north-western Saudi Arabia, has launched a summer getaway, offering special deals, exhilarating adventures, breath-taking landscapes and rich heritage.

AlUla’s unequalled splendour, up to 5C/10F milder evening weather and low humidity throughout these summer months make it a unique destination in the Arabian Peninsula. During the day, the verdant oasis gives shade and becomes a place for respite and relaxation. At night, the clear skies allow you an unspoiled view of the stars above. The tourism destination’s offering include ancient heritage sites unfolding hidden histories and the thrills of adrenaline-pumping adventures.

5 reasons to visit AlUla in the summer

  1. Escape the humidity

AlUla has been a haven for travellers across the peninsula for centuries. The magnificent mountains that form the AlUla valley give way to milder weather, allowing for outdoor dining in the evening and morning or night hikes and trails through stunning sceneries.

  1. Summer meteor showers

With a 90% chance of clear skies in AlUla as opposed to other major Arabian cities, escape into the wild desert and get lost in AlUla’s expansive open spaces. The ancient landscape is the perfect blank canvas for Mother Nature to paint twinkling stars across clear summer skies.

  1. Skip the city crowds

With packed malls in big cities across the Arabian Peninsula, summer in AlUla allows for a slower pace and more space to yourself. Find quiet contemplation in the AlUla Oasis or capture the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hegra in peace. Instagram vs Reality? Not in AlUla.

  1. Disconnect from the day to day

Historically a central stop for weary travellers, AlUla has always been a place of respite and relaxation. Disconnect from routine and join us in our serene desert refuge this summer. With special wellness workshops and meditation courses offered at Habitas AlUla, now is the time to focus on you.

  1. Immersive experiences

Take a hike through the Hidden Valley and let the soft glow of the moonlight lead you through amber dunes and across weather-worn sandstone canyons. For the best views of the region, embark on an epic helicopter tour or soar through the skies on an adrenaline-packed zipline experience.

The post AlUla rolls out ‘Summer Untold’ campaign appeared first on Travel Daily.

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