Andrew Bogut is ‘being bullied’ by the Victorian Electoral Commission

Sky News Digital Editor Jack Houghton says he is “outraged” the Victorian Electoral Commission is “bullying” private citizens for simply sharing their opinion.

Andrew Bogut – a former NBA star – recently attracted the ire of the VEC after posting a video on social media heavily criticising the state’s controversial pandemic powers bill.

“The VEC argues it is illegal to publish an opinion that is intended or likely to affect voting in an election without carrying an authorisation statement at the end,” Mr Houghton said.

“That means ordinary people supposedly have to sign off their politically charged tweets with their name and address – crazy stuff.”

Mr Houghton questioned, “why was a conservative athlete the only person to be bullied by the VEC over these laws.”

“Why are people on the left of politics supposedly exempt from the rules and not receiving the letters,” he said.

Mr Houghton said the VEC has “stonewalled” on an FOI application relating to documents pertaining to the Bogut matter.

“The VEC can stonewall, but I’ve reported them to the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner, which is auditing their decision to deny us access to those documents.”

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