Armed Intruder Arrested on the Windsor Castle Grounds, Police Say

  • Police said on Saturday that they arrested an intruder who broke into the grounds of Windsor Castle.
  • The man, a 19-year-old from southern England, did not enter any buildings.
  • There’s no indication that the man’s presence disrupted Queen Elizabeth II, who had been spending her Christmas at Windsor Castle.

Police arrested a man who breached the grounds of Windsor Castle, where Queen Elizabeth II is spending the Christmas holiday, Reuters reported. 

The man, unidentified by police so far, is a 19-year-old from southern England, according to Reuters.

Within moments of his presence on the grounds of the castle, an alarm was triggered. He did not enter any buildings. 

“The man has been arrested on suspicion of breach or trespass of a protected site and possession of an offensive weapon,” Thames Valley Police Superintendent Rebecca Mears said on Saturday. 

At the time of the intruder’s entrance onto the grounds, the queen, 95, had been celebrating Christmas with her son, Prince Charles, and his family. 

Mears said the Royal Family had been made aware of the incident, Reuters reported. A representative for the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Reuters reported that there is no indication the family’s Christmas or holiday plans had been disrupted by the intruder. 

The queen began to spend Christmas at Windsor Castle due to the coronavirus pandemic. Normally, she spends it at her Sandringham estate in eastern England, according to Reuters. 

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