‘Atlanta’ May Have Just Introduced The Actual Devil Into The Show

Pretty a lot each celebration in Atlanta devolves into the surreal (consider Drake’s cardboard cut-out birthday party?) and this week’s episode used to be no exception. “The Old Man and the Tree” featured decoy homes, raging performative white guilt, and inexplicable pool-shoving. Most bizarrely, it’ll or won’t have concerned the true Devil. On path to a birthday party in London, held by way of a mysterious billionaire, our quartet of characters be informed that their host is so wealthy as a result of his “family gave out the first loan.”


Which is a unusual factor to mention, bearing in mind that “Money lending can be traced to about 3000 BC in ancient Mesopotamia.” The billionaire, Fernando, has a South African accessory and a swank pad entire with a Nando’s eating place – by the way Fernando claims that he’s no longer the similar Fernando who began the South African rooster chain. He additionally, conspicuously,  has an enormous tree on his assets, one of the most “oldest trees in London.” Which recollects the Tree of Knowledge from the Bible – however as a substitute of an apple, Al is obtainable up some Nando’s rooster. 


Fernando invitations Al to a poker recreation and waxes on concerning the time he had intercourse with a ghost, Ray Stantz-style, who used to be Black and dripping rainy (recalling the nightmare series from the season premiere). Then Fernando speaks at duration concerning the life of Satan, and the way his fortune is evidence of his life – then he cheats Al out of his poker winnings. So are we to surmise that Fernando would possibly in reality be Beelzebub? 


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