Bali Dynasty Resort Hosts ‘Save a life’

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Bali Dynasty Resort recently hosted the ‘Save a life’ Blood Donation Event with the Indonesian Red Cross to donate blood for emergencies. 

The donation was attended by numerous members of the Bali Dynasty Resort staff members, in collaboration with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) to oversee and collect the blood which will be donated to the regional blood bank located at Sanglah Hospital to be stored accordingly ready for distribution to patients in need.

In addition to the blood donation, the hotel management was also organising a free medical check-up that enabled staff members to have their blood sugar levels, uric acid and cholesterol evaluated and eye test to see if glasses are needed.

The Human Resources Manager of Bali Dynasty Resort, Ramasari, stated that the blood donation is a regular event held twice a year at the resort to advocate the importance of donating to maintain local blood bank supplies and help save the lives of others.

The blood donation is just one of Bali Dynasty Resort’s annual corporate social responsibility (CSR) events and over 100 team members are currently registered as blood donors. The resort is also committed to helping Bali’s disadvantaged people through its “Help Friends for Life” programme in collaboration with Bali Hotels Association, Solemen Indonesia and other charity organizations in Bali. Launched in 2015, the initiative has been successful to provide scholarships and ongoing treatments to individuals in need as well as distribute prosthetic legs, wheelchairs and much more.

The post Bali Dynasty Resort Hosts ‘Save a life’ appeared first on Travel Daily.

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