Basketball news: The Arkansas-Pine Bluff video, coach Solomon Bozeman, players punished

An ice cold basketball coach is going viral for the moment he put his players through a public act of humiliation in front of a stadium crowd.

A stone cold basketball coach has divided the internet over the brutal moment he called a time-out to punish his players in the middle of a game.

University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff basketball coach Solomon Bozeman called his players into a huddle in the middle of their 83–64 defeat to Iowa State on Thursday (AEDT) and forced them to turn around and carry out suicide-run drills up and down the court.

The 33-year-old head coach was not afraid to subject his players to the public humiliation after watching them concede three consecutive baskets with the scores at 44-24.

Videos of the scene have been watched by millions on Twitter with one college sports page having more than 2,000,000 views on a video first posted by @CurryHoff13.

It seemed to kick his team into gear and they steadied to only lose the second half by three points.

Bozeman is in his first season as a college basketball coach and he is certainly making his mark, despite the team off to a nightmare start with just one win from its first nine games this year.

The internet has been divided over the coach’s call with some commentators praising the hard-line approach.

Most are chortling away glad it isn’t them getting flogged on the hard wood.

It remains unknown if there was any other form of motivation behind Bozeman’s move — on top of the three consecutive buckets conceded.

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