Bath County receives more than 800,000 dollars towards public safety

Governor Andy Beshear wrote two tests against a brand new facility for emergency control products and services and for sidewalk protection

BATH COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – A few tests have been written for Bath County on Monday by means of Governor Andy Beshear. That cash is anticipated to fund two other public issues of safety. Community individuals amassed out of doors the Bath County Courthouse Annex for the presentation. The first take a look at of $750,000 bucks will likely be going against a brand new facility for emergency control products and services in Bath County.

Because there’s no health center within the county, this new development will exchange the present development on Rowland Avenue. According to Governor Beshear, this new facility could have 4 bays to house 8 automobiles. This may also permit emergency responders more room and the facility to get to other people sooner.
The 2d take a look at value greater than $ 72,ooo bucks was once given to the town of Salt Lick.
It’s anticipated to assist with sidewalks the place public protection has been a subject matter

“Todays announcements are going to help in public safety and help save lives one of them means that the abulence is going to get to you faster the other one means you are going to be safer and walk into a store that everybody walks to,” explains Governor Beshear.

According to Beshear the cash got here from a federal transportation program and group building block grants.

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