Baton Rouge security company offers active-shooter technology as part of security training

BATON ROUGE – A safety corporate in Baton Rouge trains colleges and companies around the nation on learn how to get ready for an active-shooter scenario. 

“Today, I had eight missed calls from the time I got the local media alert,” Kelly Leduff, co-owner of Open Eyes, mentioned.

Calls inquiring concerning the Blue Point, the lively shooter era began through Kelly and his father, Jeff LeDuff. 

“With the system, it’s a simple thought like how you have a red fire alarm. Our system is a blue box. I looks just like a red fire alarm, and it says police,” LeDuff defined. 

But when the field is pulled, it shall we native regulation enforcement get right of entry to the are living digicam feeds on the faculty. 

In the development of an active-shooter scenario, police don’t seem to be having to piece in combination other data from other other people. They have a are living take a look at what is going on and will reply extra as it should be. 

“When that box is activated, we take those cameras from being dormant, to now it’s something they can use in dispatch to help those officers respond in such a chaotic event,” LeDuff mentioned. 

The Blue Point System saves officials time, which is important in these kinds of occasions.

“It seems like a cliche thing to say that every second matters, but it’s really true,” he mentioned. 

LeDuff says the lively shooter era is these days in all Baton Rouge top colleges and lots of different colleges and companies around the nation. 

“McKinley has been put in since 2018, after which lately sooner than COVID, we have been in a position to get a grant via BRPD, in order that we did the rest of the Baton Rouge top colleges,” LeDuff defined. 

The era has one goal, and that is the reason to offer police the ideas they wish to prevent an lively shooter.

“Law enforcement doesn’t have a lot at that point. They’re sending everything they have, and they’re coming. But they don’t know what they’re coming towards. Is it one person? Is it two? What are they shooting? Where are they? The teachers… I hear shots. Do I take these babies outside and try to run or do we lock down inside of the school,” LeDuff requested. 

For additional info at the safety corporate, click on right here. 

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