Biden could win second term by resetting US-China ties

Worsening US-China relations to gain votes was irresponsible, dangerous, and definitely not a vote generator for former US president Donald Trump as he had hoped. Trump’s trade, technology and geopolitical wars against China did resonate with his supporters, but in the end, it was largely the tariffs and mishandling of the Covid-19 pandemic that cost him a second term.

The tariffs held back US economic recovery because they raised production costs and consumer prices. The former reduced US competitiveness while the latter impeded consumption – both of which accounted for more than 85% of gross domestic product, after all.

Blaming China for the Covid-19 pandemic did deflect attention away from Trump’s inept handling of the virus, but it helped create a health crisis in which more than 40 million Americans were infected by and 400,000 had died from the disease by the time he left the White House. The pandemic forced business shutdowns, sinking the economy into a recession in 2020.

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