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Harrison Bowman sought after to be able to sign up for the Apollo High School baseball staff as temporarily as conceivable after a hand damage brought about him to leave out the primary 4 video games of the season.

“I got out of the cast the day we played Henderson County and I went straight to the cages,” Bowman stated. “My (left) hand was still hurting, but grit pushed me through, I wanted to get some swings in. My hand feels normal again, I hit a home run against Breck County. I really just wanted get back, I was doing a lot of drills that I could with the cast on, I felt like that’s what I needed to do to get back to the team.”

Bowman’s hitting took off once he returned to the lineup within the leadoff hitting spot. With stats compiled thru 11 video games Bowman was once batting a team-high .486 with seven RBIs and 4 doubles. Bowman has additionally stolen 10 bases.

“I like leading off, seeing the first pitch, being the guy that tells people on the team how pitches are coming,” Bowman stated. “I just want to lead by example, every game I want to set the tone, me being able to go out and put a good bat on the ball.”

Bowman is a major risk to thieve when he will get on base.

“He’s a tremendous athlete, every time gets on base everybody knows he will run,” Apollo trainer Mason Head stated. “He sees a lot of throws to first, a pitchout at least once a game. It goes with the territory of every one knowing he’s fast.

Bowman started hitting with better power more than halfway through the 2021 season. Bowman is a senior, and he will be playing football (kicker) and baseball at Missouri Western next season.

“Even when he got outs last year he hit the ball hard,” Head stated. “He hit .500 over the summer with Bombers, we had him with us in the winter some, but he pretty much picked right back up, it didn’t take him long.

“His experience and maturity have been big this season. Harrison has always been a tremendous athletic, and the maturity he exhibited over last year has been amazing. He’s been a leader. I don’t know if he saw himself as one of the guys the team turns to, but he realizes he’s one of those guys this year. His game this year is a little more elevated, but his emotional maturity, that is the biggest area where he’s grown in the last year.”

Playing neatly for the Owensboro Bombers helped spice up Bowman’s self belief.

“I worked on getting good hitter’s counts, I became more confident and smart with my swings,” Bowman stated.

Bowman is having a look ahead to getting again at the pitcher’s mound extra. The right-hander has pitched 4 innings up to now.

For targets the remainder of the best way on this 12-6 season, Bowman desires to assist the Eagles the place he can.

“Just help my team win as much as possible,” Bowman stated.

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