Carrie Underwood’s Routine Includes Pull-Ups, Weight

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  • Carrie Underwood loves to work out her upper body, her trainer Eve Overland told Shape.
  • Her routine includes supersets of exercises like dumbbell presses, extensions, and curls.
  • She also does challenging bodyweight moves like pull-ups, push-ups, and triceps dips. 

Carrie Underwood builds a strong upper body with exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, and dumbbell presses, her trainer Eve Overland told Shape

The country music star works out almost every day, Overland said, and she loves to target arm muscles like biceps and shoulders.

“Carrie has always been celebrated for her noteworthy legs. But as her trainer (and friend) I get so much joy when people notice how sculpted and strong her arms are as well. She is the complete package,” the trainer said. 

A typical workout for Underwood involves supersets, back-to-back exercises with minimal rest in between.

One superset, which lights up back muscles like the lats, includes pull-ups (which also works the biceps), dumbbell bent-over rows (hits the back of the shoulders) and renegade rows (fires up the core muscles).  

Another set targets the shoulders, chest, and triceps (the muscles on the back of the arms) with dumbbell floor presses,  bench dips, and push-ups with shoulder taps. 

Other exercises in her routine include push presses and alternating shoulder presses with dumbbells, bicep curls with resistance bands, and tricep extensions to hammer every muscle group in the upper body. 

Underwood’s routine can be intense and involves strength, power, and stability, according to her trainer. 

“She’s also always up for a challenge and loves to push her body,” Overland said. 

If you’re a fitness beginner, you can practice scaled versions of bodyweight moves like push-ups and pull-ups to work up to more advanced exercises. And dumbbell exercises like presses are a great way to learn how to lift weights, experts previously told Insider. 

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