China building up nukes at a rapid-fire pace

In contemporary months, China has been construction its nuclear arsenal at an sudden tempo, most likely with the purpose of deterring a US intervention within the tournament of an invasion of Taiwan and to care for strategic deterrence via mutually confident destruction (MAD).

According to a reality sheet launched by means of the US-based, non-partisan Arms Control Association, China these days has an insignificant 350 nuclear warheads whilst the USA has 5,500. However, the USA believes that China plans to double its arsenal to 700 deliverable nuclear warheads by means of 2027 and 1,000 by means of 2030, exceeding the dimensions and tempo that the USA Department of Defense (DoD) to start with projected in 2020.

“The breath-taking expansion of land, sea, and air-based nuclear delivery platforms, command and control survivability, novel, and asymmetric weapons, and supporting infrastructure is inconsistent with a minimum deterrent posture,” mentioned Admiral Charles Richard of the USA Strategic Command this month.

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