China’s ‘closed-loop’ aims to avoid an Omicron Olympics

HONG KONG – China’s capital Beijing will not be locked down before the Winter Olympics despite recent Omicron variant outbreaks in nearby Tianjin city and Henan province, the Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games has said.

The committee added that the Beijing Olympics’ schedule would be changed only if large-scale virus outbreaks occurred among athletes and participants, who will be managed under a tight “closed-loop system” to avoid any potential viral spread in the local population.

Beijing implemented the closed-loop system for the athletes, journalists, show performers and other staff of the games on January 4. More than 1,700 media workers, who will not have contact with outsiders, have since entered the loop. About 3,000 show performers, 27,000 volunteers and foreign participants will be contained in the system.

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