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Some much-anticipated Christmas sparkle has appeared in Kyiv with the turning on of the Christmas tree lights in Sophia Square on Dec. 18.  Every year, this creates a magical and joyful scene for locals and tourists and a time for reflection and hope.

According to Kyiv City State Administration, the main theme this year is a traditional nativity scene, which is set at the base of the 31-meter tree. It includes sculptures of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, along with the Kings and other traditional Christmas figures.

Complementing the Christmas tree and lights are decorated arches, garlands, and chandeliers of various designs, all adorned with dazzling illuminations.

The photo areas cater for wide-eyed visitors who want that all-important selfie to treasure or share on social media. Indeed, Christmas provides an opportunity to take great photos in a magical setting in one of Kyiv’s most eminent settings.

Attractions and amusements, carousels and a children’s entertainment area provide something special for everyone.  Additionally, there is an ice rink and visitors are welcomed in the recreation area by bright comets, representing Christmas stars, while festive music lifts the mood and brings smiles to people’s faces.

Well worth a viewing thanks to its incredible design, locals hope that Kyiv’s tree and nativity scene may be the largest in Europe this year. With freezing weather on the cards this week, a covering of snow will no doubt add to the winter wonderland experience..

The perfect mood on the first evening was only dampened by many people not wearing masks. It is important not to be complacent, especially now that the fast-spreading Omicron variant has emerged in Ukraine. 

International readers are well aware that Christmas Eve is celebrated on Dec 24, whilst Christmas in Ukraine is celebrated on Jan 6. As Ukraine moves closer to integration with Western traditions, Ukrainian churches look to transfer Christmas to Dec 24. to bring more people together. It’s in the pipeline we are told. 

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