Demand for different types of Airbnb up 400%

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new study by has compiled some of the weirdest Airbnb’s listed to find out how much they would cost in comparison to similar properties in the area, as well as looking into what features they have to offer.

The weirdest ranked homes on Airbnb

Weird is wonderful – 3 weirdest homes on Airbnb

  1. Bubble Suite, Mexico

Landing at the top spot on our list is Bubble Suite, Mexico. At £174 a night, this fancy version of glamping is situated in Mexico’s famous wine country and is actually one of a whole range of bubble buildings. While it’s perfect for falling asleep with a bottle of wine by your side, it costs 167% more than other two-bedroom rentals in the area.

  1. Dreamy Tropical House, Hawaii

The second weirdest ranked Airbnb is Dreamy Tropical Treehouse, Hawaii – an adult-sized treehouse with a 360-degree view of a tropical jungle. This secluded spot will set you back £217 a night which is only £34 more expensive than your typical Airbnbs in the local area.

  1. Seashell House, Mexico

Finally, two giant seashells on a Mexican island in the Caribbean Sea are what awaits you at The Seashell House. Unlike the other shells you might find on the nearby beach, this one won’t have washed away by morning, which makes the cost of £216 a night all the more worthwhile.

The most expensive weirdest Airbnbs

Of all the Airbnbs we analyzed, Treehouse Blue Mountains in Australia was the most costly. Staying at this property costs a whopping £1,272.48 a night, that’s a staggering 613% above the average in the area.

If you’re looking to get away with friends, Sharma Springs is the second most expensive property on our list. Costing £750 a night, this half villa, half treehouse in Bali offers a once in a lifetime experience to relax and have fun up within the leaves.

Landing in third place is Bird Island – your very own island to spend time with your loved ones in total comfort and absolute privacy. This unique Airbnb is located inside one of the most beautiful atolls in Belize and can be yours for £575 a night.

The most affordable weird places to stay

It turns out that the cheapest weirdest Airbnb is Cabana Floripa, the Brazilian eco-residence that only charges £16 a night. For this small sum, you get walls made from recycled bottles, stained glass windows, repurposed furniture, and a true sense of adventure in this one-of-a-kind hideaway.

Landing on our list as the second most affordable Airbnb is the Iconic Cube House in the Netherlands. At £26 a night, it will feel like you’re staying in a piece of modern art right in the centre of Rotterdam’s bustling social scene.

Completing the top three is the Bamboo Eco Cottage in Bali at £47 a night. While it is slightly more expensive, this is excellent value given that you’re staying with live bamboo that changes every day.

The post Demand for different types of Airbnb up 400% appeared first on Travel Daily.

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