Disney Bent Over Backwards To Disprove A (Gruesome) ‘Star Wars’ Fan Theory

Perhaps as a result of rumors of devouring human flesh aren’t precisely nice for the Ewok plush toy industry, Disney went to nice lengths to ret-con this tale, and conclusively illustrate that the shedding Imperial forces didn’t finally end up in a number of Ewok tummies. In a 2017 animated brief, a part of the Star Wars Forces of Destiny YouTube sequence, we get to look a cartoony sport of the rapid aftermath of the Rebel victory. And, yeah, the Ewoks are completely making ready to kill and consume the ones Stormtroopers. But Princess Leia takes offense and sends Han on an errand to search out some “ration sticks” to feed the ones lovable beasts as a substitute.

Han finally ends up having to discount for the rations with Hera from Star Wars Rebels (synergy!), and he in the end convinces the Ewoks to consume his preservative-filled rubbish meals as a substitute of freshly-barbecued unhealthy guys. Thus Leia was once ready to avoid wasting the lives of a handful of souls, reaffirming the Rebels’ hero standing, even though her buddies actually simply blew up 1000’s of the ones guys, and everyone cheered adore it was once glad hour on Life Day.

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Top Image: Lucasfilm

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