‘Dr. Strange 2’ Just Made Death Meaningless In The MCU

Multiverse of Madness is other, and that is the place we get into spoiler-heavy territory. After being corrupted through the Necronomi– sorry, the Darkhold, Scarlet Witch does some lovely nasty stuff however finally ends up sacrificing herself to stop others from being seduced through, uh, the Darkhold Side. It’s very unhappy and all, however this is the object: we already know that there is any other completely sane and it appears simply as robust Wanda residing in a neighboring truth. And because of the multiverse-punching powers of Doc’s new sidekick America Chavez, any other Wanda is all the time one punch away must the Avengers want her. 

Tom Holland Spider-Man on the phone.

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“Hey, quick question, do they have softball in your reality? Ant-Man cancelled.” 

Wouldn’t the time law enforcement officials bust Wanda 2 if she got here to stick within the common MCU? Apparently no longer, since Strange and America spent a number of hours visiting different realities with no unmarried one bugging them. Either the Time Variance Authority considers “time-displaced variant” and “other reality variant” various things, or their process description modified dramatically after no matter took place on the finish of Loki. This makes it so much tougher to care about no longer simply dying but additionally heel turns, redemption arcs, and arguably personality building on the whole in those motion pictures. Michael B. Jordan desires to do any other Black Panther? They can convey him again as Erik Lifemonger from any other truth. Robert Downey Jr. made up our minds he desires to shop for any other Flintstones-looking mansion? “Hi, I’m Tony 336 and my world was destroyed or something, let us never mention where I came from again.” 

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