Education Report Finds American Children Severely Behind In Age

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CHICAGO—In a statistical research evaluating the United States to different industrialized international locations, a brand new document launched through McKinsey and Company on Monday discovered that American youngsters have been significantly in the back of in age. “It appears that U.S. children and foreign children in Japan, Germany, Israel, France, China, Russia, and more than thirty other countries are comparable until adolescence, at which point American children suddenly drop off,” mentioned Kyle Lafarciola, lead writer of the document, who said that during some excessive instances, American youngsters as younger as 5 years previous have been discovered to already be a decade in the back of their global friends. “There are too many American children who are 11 or 12 years old who should really be 17. It’s sad. What does that say about our priorities?” According to the document, the distance can also be attributed to a long time of American coverage that failed to emphasise rising older.

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