Enlightened Judge Sentences Murderer To Ego Death By Means Of Ayahuasca

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AUSTIN, TX—Addressing the defendant in a searing indictment of his attachment to the fabric global, enlightened Judge Harry Nagel reportedly sentenced assassin Bill Kalinowski to ego dying Friday by way of ayahuasca rite. “Due to his heinous crimes, Mr. Kalinowski will be forced to undergo a state-mandated ego death to deteriorate his deplorable connection to the craving self that gives rise to all suffering,” Judge Nagel mentioned within the resolution, mentioning Timothy Leary’s The Psychedelic Experience for precedent as he described the three-dose routine of the plant-based non secular substance that may convey an finish to the person referred to as Bill Kalinowski and ceaselessly substitute him with a non-dual embodiment of the cosmic thusness, the mystic one, and all-eternal-being of woke up fact. “The only just punishment for this sort of reprehensible behavior is obliterating the ego in a haze of love and death, seeing all that ever was and will be contained in the eternity of an instant, and finally witnessing reality itself fractalize before one’s eyes as the voice of Mother Gaia whispers to you in a universal language known not just to all humanity, but to the birds, the plants, and the dirt where sex and corpses and blooming and blood and semen all commingle into the rushing cosmic ocean of life. That is my judgment.” The pass judgement on concluded by means of noting that, merely put, a person this contemptible deserved to be one with the universe.

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