Fact: All Vampire Movies Ripped Off An Old RPG

And the entire thing is going past simply the appearance, which some say may just’ve been in part impressed through Kathryn Bigelow’s Near Dark, we should be fair: it is a just right movie, however nobody ever makes use of the aesthetics of flop as the root for one thing they be expecting to be successful. Ever since Vampire, film vampires began having a look cooler, sure, however in addition they stopped being simply creepy loners and began striking out in combination.

The cast from


Most stay creepy.

They additionally created more than a few clans with unique identities that also had something in not unusual: the desire to offer protection to “the masquerade,” which is simply cool lingo for no longer letting the livestock in finding out that there are goddamn vampires all over the place.

various clans from

White Wolf

Think of it as a porn prequel to What We Do In The Shadows

Man, it is virtually as though it really works as an RPG with other categories. Even the extra trendy and not more leathery vampire stories like True Blood and Twilight can not do with out the werewolves and with the construction created through Vampire. Yeah, even if the whole thing in Twilight is polished to the purpose of shining, it additionally takes so much from the vampire sequence. Vampires from Twilight are all divided into clans covens, they all additionally dedicated to their very own model of the Masquerade. Also, the richest, douchiest and maximum tough extended family from Twilight is the Volturi extended family, which more or less sounds so much like Ventrue, their evident counterpart from Vampire.


Summit Entertainment, Paradox

Pictured: The coven from Twilight that is canonically extra hellbent on no longer letting out the life of vampires.

And Vampire‘s affect is going even past simply vampire media, with the creators of Cyberpunk 2077 mentioning it as a heavy affect for its other and surely non-vampiric categories.

CD Projekt Red

Pictured: Definitely no longer Volturi 2077


Top Image: Paradox

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