Fact: Remasters And Remakes Are Eroding Our Memories

Sure, the tweet above is actually about awful-looking pc mods and not about an official remake of any kind. The Final Fantasy VII Remake that we got is actually pretty good, but that’s not just because it looks great. It’s great because, spoilers, it isn’t really a remake but rather an alternate tale. The devs took their time to make something great out of what already existed without trying to replace it. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to allocate the same amount of care and love towards remakes of every less-successful property. Well, below is Squall as seen in Final Fantasy VIII‘s promotional art and cutscenes:

Squall's FMV model

Square Enix

The most noteworthy thing about Squall’s design is the lack of trust in the efficiency of his belts, but let’s focus on the second most noteworthy thing about him, his scar.

1999 was a big year for protagonists with forehead scars who’d see their legacies tarnished by their creators in weird ways. Squall was a big deal because his scarred and more realistic model paved the way for all the characters we see in modern Final Fantasy games. Sadly, his scar isn’t as easy to notice in-game.

Squall's victory animation

Square Enix

Other than that, his now over 20-year-old model still looks damn good.

But damn good isn’t good enough, and Square Enix decided to come up with Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, which promised to fix everything that wasn’t broken in the original game. 

Imagine having the gall to think you can make this look more artistically pleasing.

There wasn’t much to improve upon here, so, uh, were they just going to let us finally get a good look at Squall’s scar in the game? Nope, because they introduced a remade model that tossed away the most revolutionary character design in the history of the company to replace it with what could’ve been the model for any asset flip mobile RPG in existence.

Squall's awful new model

Square Enix

Complete with a dumbass new hairstyle that completely covers his once iconic scar.

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