Family demands answers after Montgomery County inmate death

According to the family, Kevin Hall had been complained of chest and stomach pains before passing away in solitary confinement

MOUNT STERLING, Ky (WTVQ) – A family is grieving after their loved one, an inmate in the Montgomery County Jail died, allegedly while in solitary confinement. The mans family is now looking for answers as they claim the jail did nothing to help.

Loved ones of 46 year old Kevin Hall are pointing fingers at the Montgomery County Regional Jail where Hall spent his last moments.
According to his family, Hall was arrested last week and should have been released the next day. However in court, Hall’s name was never listed on the docket.

The family was told that Hall had allegedly resisted arrest the night police pulled him over. On Wednesday night, Hall called his mom for the last time.

“‘He called our niece and he said mom, I’m sick I’m very very sick had really bad chest pains. My stomach is absolutely killing me, mom. When my sister inquired the jail said that the nurse had checked and that he was OK,” says Ken Hounshell, Hall’s uncle.

“Then we find out Thursday morning that Kevin had passed away and been put into solitary confinement,” he continues.

While his family says an autopsy report may take weeks, they knew Kevin was very ill.

“We’ve been told that on the autopsy there is heart issues, blockage and the term that we heard is that half of a stomach was gone due to ulcers. It’s without question that Kevin was sick and suffering and he needed medical attention and for whatever reason, he didn’t get it,” says Hounshell.

ABC 36 reached out to the Montgomery County Jail but was told it’s an open investigation and there would be no further comment. Hall was laid to rest Tuesday as his family still waits for answers.

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