Family of slain 3-year-old boy spends Easter Sunday bracing for his funeral

BATON ROUGE- Tye and Cathy Toliver are proceeding to handle a variety of feelings because the lack of their son and grandson Devin Page Jr.

Tye Toliver, Devin’s mother, says she has been doing higher lately and seeking to stay herself busy. But the evening that her son used to be shot in her space whilst asleep is one thing she replays in her thoughts each day.

The symbol she noticed when she rushed into the room the place she would to find her son shot, laying subsequent to her one-year-old daughter, is one thing that she needs she may just close off.

“To see my daughter covered in my sons, stuff, that’s just something that I don’t wish on anyone to see,” Toliver stated.

Toliver believes that Devin acted as a protector that evening for his sister Deiyauna Page.

Toliver says she has gotten in the course of the first “hurdle” of coping with her tragic loss. But she is aware of the toughest section continues to be to come back at Devin’s funeral.

“We’re preparing ourselves and getting ready to say our goodbyes, and that’s just something that I’m not ready for,” Toliver stated.

Toliver says she has been seeking to be sturdy. But on that day, she says the affection she has for her son shall be on complete show. She additionally needs the funeral to be a birthday party.

“I didn’t want it to be sad because there was nothing sad about my son. He was just filled with life. He was happy,” Toliver stated.

Both Tye and Cathy Toliver are grateful for the fortify they have got gained. Tye additionally used to be proficient a series with Devin’s face on it so that you can take into accout him. They are each hoping Devin’s dying isn’t in useless.

“This baby right here, Tye’s son is a drawing tool that is causing the people to come together,” Cathy Toliver, Devin’s grandmother stated.

But what Toliver needs is justice for her son and is hoping the killer is stuck. She additionally needs individuals who know one thing in regards to the scenario to talk up.

“Someone knows something. People are talking. Someone just talk, say something. My son was innocent. He was just a baby,” Tye Toliver stated.

She additionally needs to remind other people of the stain gun violence can depart on everybody.

“If you have beef with anybody or have an issue or a problem with anybody, go to that person and deal with that person directly. Don’t just be out here shooting and just shooting at the air because bullets don’t have any names on it, and bullets fly everywhere, and it just so happens that one of them hit my son,” Toliver stated.

She says that fluctuate must occur and shortly. Otherwise, extra other people will proceed to be affected.

“It was my son today. It’s going to be somebody else’s child tonight if we don’t continue to do something and have everybody come together and just try to love on each other,” Toliver stated.

The circle of relatives is making plans to hope in entrance of the home Devin Page Jr. used to be shot and killed to check out to suggest towards gun violence.


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