FCHS goes big this year with the first-ever downtown prom celebration

FLEMINGSBURG — It’s promenade season and Fleming County scholars are in for an exhilarating exchange to their same old festivities.

Prom is likely one of the maximum expected occasions of the yr for prime schoolers. It’s a proper of passage, representing years of studying, extracurricular actions, friendships and college spirit. For seniors, promenade additionally marks the belief of highschool and the start of maturity. It’s crucial time for youths, so the FCHS and Fleming county citizens sought after to make the formal tournament additional memorable in 2022.

FCHS Principal Stephanie Emmons, stated, “Collectively, we began rethinking how to do proms outside. Here in Flemingsburg, we don’t have a venue large enough to hold 300 students and have been limited to the gym. So this year, we wanted to give our kids a special venue, especially after being impacted by the pandemic for two years.”

Emmons showed that for the first actual time, the FCHS promenade will happen on Main Street in downtown Flemingsburg on Saturday, May 7.

“We’re working with the mayor and city officials to block off the streets and we’re going to string lights. We have a beautiful downtown and it will be magical,” Emmons stated.

Vice President of Hinton Mills and director on the Kentucky Welding Institute, Adam Hinton, not too long ago praised the scholars, FCHS school and the neighborhood for making the downtown promenade occur.

“I am proud of the students who met with business leaders, collected letters of support, coordinated with local law enforcement, organized and met with the city council tonight, and found solutions for each possible obstacle…Our Community got this one right. Well done,” Hinton stated.

Enchanted Garden is the promenade’s theme and artwork scholars are onerous at paintings growing the decorations. The walk-in starts at 7 p.m. and the promenade formally kicks off at 8 p.m.

The handiest drawback conserving this kind of huge tournament outside is the elements, and whilst Emmons and everybody else in Fleming County is praying for a dry, great day for promenade, she stated contingencies are in position in case of rain.

“We’ll move the event indoors to the gym if necessary. I keep checking the weather forecast and so far we’re looking good to proceed as planned,” she stated.

Emmons is certain the FCHS scholars could have a blast as they get dressed up, have fun and create recollections in downtown Flemingsburg on promenade evening and if all is going neatly, she thinks it would simply change into a practice.

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