Fifth annual Soul Food Festival has big opening day

BATON ROUGE – It could also be scorching out, however not anything is scorching up to the dishes being served on the fifth annual Baton Rouge Soul Food Festival.

The competition is in fact for tasting soul meals and being attentive to song, however it is usually a cooking pageant highlighting regional favorites from Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

“The greatest part about this festival is the fact that you have the opportunity to share the love of music, soul food and great people,” supplier Gisele Haralson stated.

The chefs at Southern D’licious might be coming into their boiled turkey necks into the contest.

“We been here for a good little while now. We like coming here to the Baton Rouge Soul Fest and we glad they doing something like this” supplier Jimmie Wilson stated.

But they are saying it isn’t about what you might be cooking, it is the way you prepare dinner it.

“Soul food is cooking it from the soul. You got to put the flavors in it. It comes from your great-grandparents. That’s that black soul.”

The amusing alternatives again up once more Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

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