From Russia, will US expand economic war to China?

Note: “Observer” columnist Chen Feng points to what he considers fundamental areas of weakness in the US position: The deindustrialization of the US economy, America’s dependence on debt, and an accelerating shift of US dollar trade settlement and reserves following the Russian sanctions. China exercises forbearance in strategic matters, including Taiwan, because of the mutual benefits of US-China trade; if the United States applies new sanctions to China, it will have less reason to do so.

The war in Ukraine is in danger of igniting World War III. A gunfight with NATO cannot be excluded as a consequence of Russia’s military action. The US and NATO are avoiding military conflict on the one hand and firing on all cylinders with economic sanctions on the other. Russia’s military action is aimed at winning space for its security, while the US economic policy is aimed at destroying the Russian economy as a way to trigger regime change and even dismantle Russia.

This could become the first of a new kind of asymmetric world war, in which China’s role is particularly noteworthy.

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