Further warning to HKers in Lai and Zen cases

Almost two years into China’s exceptional crackdown on political existence in Hong Kong, there would appear to be little room to tighten controls additional.

The new norm comprises suppression of political events, jailing of pro-democracy activists, closures of dissident newspapers, loyalty oaths compelled upon academics, advent of particular courts that put political dissent on trial, encouragement of vigilantism by the use of “National Security Hotlines” to ferret out devious anti-China “foreign forces,” removing of pro-democracy literature from public libraries, and threats to pursue fugitive dissidents in another country to the ends of the Earth.

What else is left that’s had to remold Hong Kong right into a clone of subjugated metropolises at the Chinese mainland? Perhaps reminding Hongkongers that persecution isn’t a one-off match however will also be carried on towards somebody for ever and ever.

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