Gas prices on the rise as the summer arrives

BATON ROUGE – Just when costs have been taking place, fuel is already again to round 4 greenbacks a gallon in Baton Rouge.

“What are we paying? $3.99 trying to get through the storm” driving force Alicia Jones mentioned.

Drivers say it sort of feels the costs did not have an opportunity to drop ahead of rebounding.

“I am a full-time student, and I travel to Hammond twice a week and we’ve had classmates express to professors that they can’t make it.” Mallory Picard mentioned.

And since driving force Margarita Johnson can not do the rest about it, she is ready to pay extra to get round.

“It’s not as easy to get around Baton Rouge if you don’t have your own car, so we have to keep paying these gas prices I guess,” Johnson mentioned.

“I wasn’t surprised about it” LSU power researcher Cody Nehiba mentioned. “In the short run here we are going to have rising prices into the summer driving months as we continue to drive more and more.”

The researcher additionally says the warfare in Ukraine remains to be affecting fuel costs, and liberating the strategic oil reserves isn’t doing as a lot as a result of an excessive amount of call for.

“We’re seeing some of our stock dwindling so we have a low inventory of these fuels,” Nehiba mentioned.

But Picard already has a plan if fuel will get too top.

“If they keep going up, I’m going to get me a bike,” Picard mentioned.

And drivers are actually pronouncing that staycation is sounding higher and higher with each penny that fuel costs build up.

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