Ghosn builds his case as the market punishes Nissan

Carlos Ghosn agreed to a third interview with Asia Times keyed to publication in the translation of his book Le Temps de la Verité, or Time for the Truth, which he co-authored with French journalist Philippe Riès. The Engish edition is entitled Broken Alliances: Inside the Rise and Fall of a Global Automotive Empire. Published by Tanooki Press, it is now available for $18.68. A Japanese edition is scheduled to be launched by publisher Gentosha Inc on December 6, entitled 世界で勝てない日本企業, or Seikai de Katenai Nihon Kigyo Kowareta Domei. The price has not yet been announced. Below are excerpts from the September 30 interview.

Note that some of the Ghosn comments from this interview have previously appeared in other Asia Times articles: “Nissan blinks first in Tennessee Carlos Ghosn case,” October 1; “Ghosn says Nissan directors have dirt on their hands,” November 1; and “Three years on, Nissan’s Ghosn coup stinks to high heaven,” November 19. We are now publishing the full interview timed to the announcement of the release of the Japanese edition of the Ghosn-and-Riès book. Ghosn will speak via Zoom from Beirut about the book and other matters, many others, this coming Monday, December 6, to an audience assembled by the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan.

For Nissan, his willingness to speak about the coup that made him a fugitive doesn’t come at a good time. Although finally profitable again – margins are still small – the automaker has seen its share price slide again in recent days.

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