Girlfriend and I have sex ’10 times a day’

Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s “spicy” intercourse lifestyles contains 15-minute orgasms together with her new female friend, Victoria Brito.

The “Real Housewives of Orange County” alum, who got here out in 2020, is “smitten” together with her spouse of six months.

“The physical part of it is amazing. I’m not gonna to lie, the sex is next level. I hope every woman gets to experience this at least once in their life, what I’ve been experiencing lately,” Windham-Burke candidly instructed The Sun.

Although she famous that her husband — with whom she stocks seven kids and has no plans to divorce — additionally “had skills” within the bed room, she now has “15 minute orgasms” together with her type female friend.

“She gives it to me in little doses. She’s like, ‘If I did it all at once, you might die.’ We have sex 10 times a day. That’s not normal,” the Bravolebrity stated.

“And I didn’t think I was a sexual person. Now I’m like, ‘Let’s not leave the bed for the next three days’ I never thought I would be that person, I’m 44 and I’m like a 15 year old boy.”

Braunwyn Windham-Burke and Victoria Brito.
The pair moved in in combination in New York City.
Getty Images for eBay

The former fact big name additionally published she splits her time together with her circle of relatives in Newport Beach and a one-bedroom rental in NYC she moved into with Brito.

“I have a beautiful relationship. I met her in New York and she feels like home to me. There’s no other way to describe it,” she defined.

“We’ve recently moved in with each other. We have a place in Brooklyn and I’m excited to see where all this goes. I get red when I talk about it, you know, it’s spicy, it’s good, she’s got skills,” Windham-Burke persevered.

Braunwyn Windham-Burke and Victoria Brito.
The couple met after she got here out as homosexual in 2020.

The fact big name added that she’s “grateful” for her likelihood to get a 2nd likelihood at lifestyles with a lady.

“I’m living my life authentically as a gay woman. That is incredible. I’m in love, it just feels good. I feel things more, I feel all the feelings and they’re real.”

Braunwyn Windham-Burke and Victoria Brito.
The “RHOC” alum stocks her seven children together with her husband Sean.
Getty Images for GLAAD

She additionally showed that her unconventional dating together with her ex was once nonetheless going robust.

“It’s definitely been hard, cohabitating, nesting. We’ve had to find our footing. We’ve had to take long separations from each other to figure out where we’re going,” she stated.

“But I think we’ve found a good rhythm right now. I think we’ve found something that works and you know, today everything is good. Obviously things are always open for change.”

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