Grabby Gary Coleman And More Comedy News We Have To Share

Whatchu Talkin’ ‘Bout, Molly Shannon?

Young Molly Shannon signed with the same agent as Diff’hire Strokes megastar Gary Coleman, and the SNL alum used to be “over the moon.” That is till Coleman invited faculty pupil Shannon as much as his resort suite.

“He was playful at first, tickling me, trying to lie on top of me and smooch me,” Shannon alleges in her new ebook, Hello Molly. “Then, when I pushed him away and stood up, Gary climbed up on the bed and jumped off, using it as a springboard to launch himself to me, kissing me wildly and sticking his little baby hands under my shirt.”

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Shannon were given out of the room and warned the agent that Coleman used to be “wild.” She by no means heard from both of them once more.

Kid Rock’s Tone-Def Comedy Jam

Kid Rock made his comedy debut in Nashville this month, dressing like a member of Parliament-Funkadelic whilst telling the arena’s longest midget shaggy dog story. Whoa, did he simply say penis? Hey-o!

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