High ranking sheriff’s deputy crashes truck after drinking, policies changing

CLINTON – A high-ranking East Feliciana Sheriff’s Deputy ran off the street and crashed right into a ditch after ingesting at a trade, and now insurance policies in East Feliciana Parish are converting.

The coverage trade comes after the WBRZ Investigative Unit started asking questions concerning the spoil this week. Sheriff Jeff Travis mentioned his administrative center instantly introduced an investigation following WBRZ’s inquiry. They interviewed an worker of the established order, and deputies and spoke to a witness. None may verify that the deputy, Kevin Garig, was once intoxicated on the time. However, they did verify that he was once ingesting.

“We were told he was at a restaurant and he had a few drinks,” Travis mentioned.

Travis mentioned on May 22, a passerby known as 911 to document the spoil.

Monday, the WBRZ Investigative Unit asked the 911 name from East Feliciana Parish. Two days later, dispatch informed us no calls existed. The drawback is the sheriff’s administrative center had already listened to it, and we answered to them giving them the date, time, and record quantity hooked up to the telephone name. That’s when East Feliciana Dispatch discovered it.

“The CAD call served as a notification that the incident happened, but there are many other incidents like it where a report is not written,” Travis mentioned. “As we talked about protocols, part of the new protocol in addition to notifying a supervisor, if it’s something that we wouldn’t write a report on, we will put the protocol in if an employee is involved.”

The evening the incident happened, a deputy was once dispatched to the crash which required Kevin Garig’s automobile to be towed out of a ditch. The Sheriff’s administrative center mentioned Garig was once out with any other deputy who confirmed up after the spoil. Despite two deputies being at the scene, not anything was once written down that evening concerning the incident, which is why Travis mentioned issues are converting.

“From here on out if there’s any call that one of our deputies is summoned to that an East Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s employee is involved in any way, it will be a mandatory requirement for that deputy to call a supervisor even if they are home at night and wake them up to determine on a higher level what is the appropriate action,” Travis mentioned.

It’s the kind of motion some throughout the division need. Some other people have long past so far as to apply the deputy when he is off the clock and going out.

“You asked the other day when we were talking and brought this to our attention, ‘do we have an issue with an employee drinking and getting behind the wheel?'” Travis mentioned. “The answer is yes. There is a legal limit as to whether someone has broken the law, but we are always concerned about them or anyone else getting behind the wheel when drinking.”

Travis mentioned regardless of what came about, they may now not end up Garig was once ever over the prison restrict and the loss of notification and stories that had been written had been regarding sufficient for him to tighten up insurance policies.

Garig was once off accountability when this came about.

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