Hitler Had A Special Fart Doctor (Seriously) (VIDEO)

Jordan Breeding – host (https://twitter.com/The_J_Breeding) 
Brian Brushwood – host (https://twitter.com/shwood) 
Jason Murphy – host (https://jasonsmurphy.com -https://instagram.com/captainmurphy) 
John Rael – editor / digital camera operator (https://twitter.com/SkepticallyPwnd) 
Anthony Shea – track (https://www.thelovepools.com) 
Annaliese Martin – reside audio engineer (https://twitter.com/amuseliese 
Heather Tayte – editor (https://twitter.com/BurlesqueBaker) 
Jeff McLaughlin – digital camera operator (https://twitter.com/WordBarfer) 
Kelsey Lane – creator of Downfall parody (https://www.instagram.com/iamkelseylane)

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