Home Trends From 2021 That Need to Disappear, According to Experts

Designers hope some ’90s-inspired trends won’t follow us into 2022.

A room with inflatable chairs with an x above them.

Insider asked interior designers about trends that should be left in 2021.

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“I’m glad to see some very nostalgic trends fading, especially the ’90s teen dream rooms,” Alessandra Wood, the vice president of style for Modsy, told Insider.

Rather than feeling fun and vintage, some trends from the 1990s that have made their way back into people’s homes just seem dated.

“Maybe because I owned a blow-up sofa, had rope-light accents, and walls plastered with photos of Leo and Freddie Prinze Jr., but this trend just makes me feel like I need to crack open YM and see what days of the month are best for my love life,” Wood said.

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