I Think I’ve Heard This Climate Song Before

The origin of the phrase “Lies, damned lies, and statistics” is unclear, though Mark Twain attributed it to Benjamin Disraeli. I bring it up more often than I should, usually when discussing the latest contretemps by people who believe in the Government when it comes to promoting climate agendas.

To clarify, the phrase itself refers to an argument where one side tries to persuade an opposing side by using numbers to support a weak position in order to prove their point.

WFTM’s legendary Farm Director, the late Bill Stewart, and I went round and round over the hole in the ozone layer. Bill believed it was true. I countered (with all due love and respect) that just because a person spouts numbers while wearing a lab coat does not make it so. We never came to an agreement on that point, but the debates were wonderful.

I bring the subject up because I came across an article this week from the Washington Post spouting dire predictions about the, in their words, “sleeping giant” in Antarctica. Long story short, melting could occur, causing a spike in sea levels. The cause, of course, is greenhouse gas emissions. Recent studies hypothesize the East Antarctica Ice Sheet could succumb to global warming.

Remember former Vice-President and Presidential also-ran Al Gore? After losing the 2000 Presidential election, the Goracle packed up his magical Doomsday show and went on an ecological pilgrimage, saying if the world did not drastically cut greenhouse gasses within ten years, Earth would cross the ominous “point of no return.” That line in the sand has been shifting ever since.

An ad I saw recently wrapped up the whole “global warming” argument with a pretty little bow, titled “Government Funded Science.” And it goes like this: “60’s: Oil reserves will be depleted in 10 years. 70’s: Another Ice Age in 10 years. 80’s: Acid rain will destroy all crops in 10 years. 90’s: The Ozone Layer will be destroyed in 10 years. 2000’s: The ice caps will be gone in 10 years.

“None of these catastrophes happened, but all resulted in more taxes and regulation. Fear is their weapon. If you are not old enough to remember these environmental scams of the past, you’re not old enough to understand how the game is played.”

See the pattern? The only constant in fever dream environmentalism is that dire predictions are made for a ten year period, and when nothing happens in the predicted time frame, the doomsday clock is reset for the next decade.

For me, warning sirens went off somewhere between claims that “the science is settled” and warnings that cow flatulence causes global warming.

My personal opinion is that changes in climate are cyclical. I was taught in college that, based on geographical evidence, the Ohio Valley at one time enjoyed a tropical climate.

While Limousine Liberals bemoan the destruction of Mother Earth, pontificating about carbon credits from their Lear jets, one would think a cooler head might prevail. Who knows? Perhaps it will come with the next Ice Age.

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