In ‘Dot’s Home,’ Your Choices Are Often Illusions

“What are the consequential choices people are faced with that a player could get and understand and lead them to think about it in their own lives or to interrogate their own experiences or the experiences of their elders,” she says. There was once a large number of mirrored image and dialog a number of the builders about the ones overarching topics—like alternative and development—as opposed to staying rooted in the neighborhood.

Another framework the sport’s building crew sought after to concentrate on was once the semblance of selection—the place the sport, similar to truth, does not all the time bear in mind the participant’s motivation for the selections they make. This is a idea that every now and then frustrates players, for the reason that video games are such an interactive medium, however in Dot’s Home, now not having the entire “right” possible choices specified by entrance of you was once precisely the purpose.

As with each online game, “somebody else designed the system without your input. Somebody else has made the system for you, and you play it and then whatever outcome you get, that’s what you get, which sounds a lot like America’s housing system,” Rosales says.

Luisa Dantas, mission director at Rise-Home Stories, chatted concerning the sport at SXSW this yr, in a panel that mentioned how gaming and gaming era is usually a instrument to battle structural inequality. Dantas stated the sport’s target market must be Black and brown folks, as a result of housing inequality impacts them probably the most.

Given this meant target market, Dantas understood that those avid gamers get started the sport realizing the device is rigged, and that they are enjoying with a restricted and hindered selection set. Those narrative selections replicate the systemic inequalities in position that restrict get entry to to secure and reasonably priced housing to all however the wealthiest folks in lots of communities. On most sensible of those restricted possible choices, avid gamers must take into accounts how their possible choices will have an effect on their group and now not merely focal point on Dot and her circle of relatives’s wishes.

“There’s also a direct rebuke to this idea of this sort of toxic meritocracy,” Dantas says. “This individualistic idea that it’s all about your personal responsibility and your personal choices. And if you just made the set of right choices, x, y and z would happen.” In the sport, as actually, every now and then you’ll be able to do the whole thing “right,” and the group isn’t any higher, as a result of such a lot of elements are from your keep watch over or affect.

Rosales describes Dot’s Home as a “values-driven game.”

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