Indiana Cheerleader Rescues Ball During March Madness

  • The first day of March Madness had an unlikely hero in an Indiana cheerleader.
  • After a ball got stuck on top of a backboard, the players and ref failed to retrieve it.
  • Enter the cheerleader who was hoisted up and recovered the ball to the delight of everybody watching. 

While many were waiting for a buzzer-beater to be the first major highlight of March Madness, it turned out to be a cheerleader.

After a ball got stuck on the backboard during the matchup between 5-seed Saint Mary’s and 12-seed Indiana, the players and officials seemed lost as to what to do.

First a player tried to reach the ball with a mop and failed.




The ref was then reluctant to let a player risk injury by climbing on a chair. so he tried himself … and failed.




The world needed a hero.

Enter an Indiana cheerleader to save the day.



Andy Katz quickly caught up with our new hero and asked her about the situation. 


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