Japan sends wrong message on ivory trade

Japan’s ambassador to Zimbabwe, Satoshi Tanaka, was once photographed keeping a big elephant tusk from the African nation’s ivory stockpile in Harare prior to Zimbabwe’s African Elephant Summit in Hwange National Park just lately.

Japan maintains the sector’s biggest felony ivory marketplace, making it an outlier amongst different countries with a historical past of eating ivory, and in particular in Asia. Other jurisdictions in Asia have closed their home ivory markets, together with China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, along with the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union. 

One can most effective speculate as to why Ambassador Tanaka felt it was once suitable to hoist this huge tusk, a stark image of the hundreds of elephants which are ruthlessly poached throughout Africa each and every 12 months, in entrance of reporters’ cameras. Whatever the considering can have been, the ensuing symbol completely exemplifies how utterly out of contact with fact Japan stays in relation to protective elephants from the business in ivory. 

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