Josh Peck reignites feud with TV co-star, Drake Bell

They reconciled after a bitter falling out back in 2017, but the two main stars of Nickelodeon’s Drake & Josh appear to be on bad terms yet again.

Former teen star Josh Peck has revealed he no longer keeps in touch with his former co-star Drake Bell — and hasn’t for a long time.

When asked on theBFFs podcast this week whether the two former Drake & Josh co-stars are still friends, Peck bluntly responded, “Not really, no.”

The actors, who played stepbrothers in the hugely popular mid-’00s Nickelodeon show, first made headlines in 2017 when Bell aired his grievances on Twitter after not receiving an invitation to Peck’s wedding; A revelation which shocked fans given their brotherly chemistry on the series.

Peck, 35, owned up to not inviting Bell, 35, on BFFs, admitting that he and Bell just “weren’t that close” in real life.

“The dirty little secret, I guess, was like, I knew that Drake and I didn’t stay in touch for the 10 years since we had made the show,” he explained.

“But no one needed to know that. I was happy to just die with that secret that like, we made this thing that people really love, but maybe we weren’t that close. So I didn’t invite him to my wedding because I hadn’t really talked to him in many, many years.”

The author revealed that in addition to the angry tweets, which saw Bell declare their ties were “officially cut”, Bell had also privately messaged him.

“I’m getting married that night, and I see these text messages from him, like, cursing me out, coming for me. I’m like, ‘On the night of my wedding?‘” he recalled. “It’s delusional.”

Peck explained that while he is a public figure, his wife, Paige O’Brien, is not, so he didn’t appreciate Bell dragging her into the drama via social media.

“I don’t care about me. It’s whatever. I signed up to be a public person. It is what it is,” he conceded. “But here’s my wife, who’s like, getting torn down on the internet, and I’m like, ‘She’s private, and she just got married. Can’t you just enjoy this?’”

Two months after Peck’s wedding, the stars reunited at the VMAs with Bell posting a photo of them hugging it out and seemingly reconciling.

However, Peck claimed that it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, revealing he told Bell on the red carpet to apologise to his wife “or something bad’s gonna happen.”

Bell’s wife, Janet Von Schmeling, denied on her Instagram Story that Peck had ever threatened her husband.

“We actually hung out after that, multiple times,” Von Schmeling alleged. “We’ve talked multiple times since then. So, like, you’re a f**king liar. A f**king liar, Josh.”

Von Schmeling appears to have deactivated her Instagram account since then.

Meanwhile Bell was sentenced to two years’ probation and 200 hours of community service in July last year after pleading guilty to a child endangerment case.

This story originally appeared on NY Post and was reproduced with permission

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